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Legal Opinion for Crypto Utility Tokens

Did the regulated crypto exchange request you to provide a legal opinion to verify that the token has undergone comprehensive legal analysis before listing on the exchange?

Are you looking for a legal opinion required under MiCA?


We provide legal opinions for crypto token issuers that are required by the regulated crypto exchanges or by the competent authorities under MiCA. 


Based on the information provided about the project, token sale, and features of your token (tokenomics), we will be able to provide a preliminary opinion on whether the token qualifies as a security token, utility token, e-money or (un)regulated financial instrument.

We have drafted crypto legal opinion for tokens listed on

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Why do you need a legal opinion?

Legal opinion is required in order for you to be able to list a utility token at any centralized cryptocurrency exchange. The competent authorities might also request legal opinion within the process of obtaining required crypto licenses.


 Token issuers operating in the European Union (e.g. targeting EU investors) will be required to provide a legal opinion under the MiCA ("Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation"), the future European Union systemic crypto regulation. 

What do we do?


We analyze the token from the tokenomics perspective and look over all relevant documentation (white paper, terms of sale, SAFTs, marketing materials, etc.) and anything else that might impact the legal classification of the token.



Suppose we notice potential challenges for the token to qualify as a utility token. In that case, we offer legal advice relating to the proper design of tokenomics and the drafting of the relevant documents. 


After the analysis, we draft a comprehensive legal opinion on the utility token, including a token classification by applicable European Union laws. 

Who will be working on your legal opinion?


Peter Merc, Ph.D.

  • LinkedIn

Peter Merc, Ph. D., is a managing partner in Lemur Legal, an advisory company that specializes in providing legal support for fintech and crypto companies. Peter has advised on more than 20 successful token generation events as a legal advisor. This includes CargoX, Viberate, Eligma, Robotina, and Blocksquare. Among the crypto clients of Lemur Legal are GateHub, CargoX, EllyPay, Bitnik, Dap19, and Incrementum.


Peter is also a co-founder and managing partner in Suricate Ventures, which is a privately financed venture capital firm with a smart money investment philosophy. In 2017, Peter founded Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia, an NGO that bridges the crypto industry and the public sector. 


As an assistant professor, Peter lectures at the Law Faculty of New University in Ljubljana. Before his career as an entrepreneur, Peter worked in the banking sector in capital markets, compliance, and bank supervision.


"Thanks to Peter from Fintech Factory, we confidently navigated the crypto legal landscape, ensuring our project's compliance and success, resulting in our BST token listing on MEXC. Great service"

Denis Petrovcic,

"We were very impressed with the skill and flexibility of Peter's law firm and the speed with which we obtained the legal opinion. If you wish for a high-quality yet very affordable solution for your legal needs, Peter is your man!"

Michal Ptacnik,


"We were impressed with the proactive approach of Fintech Factory and its ability to translate complex legal jargon into actionable insights. We did not only receive legal opinion but also valuable advice for our tokenomics."

Martial Medi,

Our pricing & delivery



we charge between

2,200.00 - 3,500.00 USD

per legal opinion (+VAT, if applicable), depending on the complexity of the tokenomics and the size of the relevant documentation, we need to analyze before drafting a legal opinion.

Service can also be paid in Tether (USDT).


Once we receive all relevant documentation from your side, we can deliver the first draft of the legal opinion within 48 hours.

Sample of Crypto Legal Opinion

For information purposes download 2022 sample of the Legal Opinion in pdf format. Since 2022 legal opinion was substantially upgraded.

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