Digital strategies, market researches and lectures for improvement of digital competencies

Fintech Factory connects experts in the field of finance, law, insurance, taxes, disruptive business models (sharing economy, circular economy), newest technologies (blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, “big data”) and other fields. Experts from Fintech Factory possess experience from projects carried out in the fields of financial technology (“FinTech”), technology for regulatory compliance (“RegTech”), technology connected to insurance (“InsureTech”), technology connected to sport (“SporTech”) and the field of artificial intelligence.


The multidisciplinary nature of Fintech Factory specialists enables us to draft comprehensive professional studies, comparative analyses, market research and other professional documentation at the client's request. We help clients with preparing tender documents for the needs of various public tenders.



Digital strategies

A digital strategy is the foundation of every company. It includes a digitization status assessment, drafting of a plan for the development of the company’s digital capabilities and drafting of the company's strategy for digital transformation, which is different in scope and content, depending on the needs of the client. The strategy of the digital transformation can cover processes and digital solutions for business support, the analysis of digital business models, products and services, the strategy for the development of digital competences and digital jobs, the strategy for the development of digital culture and other strategies related to industry 4.0.

In Fintech Factory we draft digital strategies for start-up companies and for companies with a scale-up potential. We draft digital strategies in industry fields covered by Fintech Factory experts.

Fintech Factory is listed on the list of DIH Slovenia as a service provider within the voucher for drafting digital strategies issued by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund.


Market researches,

comperative analyses

Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing data on market factors that influence the relationships between product or service providers and customers. The scope and content of the market research depends on the needs of the client. It can include the analysis of competitors (products, marketing methods, sales network), customer analysis (e.g. target group analysis, market trends) and legal specifics of individual markets in terms of marketing and sales.

Fintech Factory specialists draft market surveys of foreign markets covering the whole European Union and Switzerland. Fintech Factory is included in the catalogue of market research consultants for foreign markets as a provider of services in the framework of the voucher for market research of foreign markets, issued by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund.


Lectures, workshops for

raising digital competences

We organize and lead professional seminars and lectures from fields covered by Fintech Factory experts. These fields cover industry 4.0. and digital business models. The aim of the seminars is to present what kind of  disruption new technologies introduce, to understand how they interact and to present the risks to which companies are exposed to if they do not digitize their processes in a timely manner. The outcome of the seminars or lectures is to raise the attendee's digital competence.

The Fintech Factory educational programs are included in the training catalog within the framework of the digital competence voucher, issued by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund.


Comperative legal analysis or banchmarking, tender documentation

An entry barrier to doing business on foreign markets can often be ignorance of the foreign legal system. In order to avoid the company's legal risks, the risks of regulatory measures and other risks associated with as a result of legal noncompliance, it is advisable to become acquainted with the legal requirements of foreign markets before entering said markets Fintech Factory legal experts draft comparative legal analyses for foreign markets that eliminate the aforementioned risks for companies intent on entering new markets.

Fintech Factory experts also provide advice on drafting more complex documents that are required in the framework of the tender documentation when applying for various funding programs.


Fintech Factory offers its clients

drafting a digital strategy

drafting market analyses of foreign markets

lectures and workshops aimed at raising digital competences  

benchmarking and legal analysis