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(Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation) 

MiCA ("Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation") is a systemic legislation adopted at the European Union level that establishes a regulatory framework for service providers related to crypto assets. It imposes obligations and restrictions on these providers. It does not only address providers based in the European Union but has an extraterritorial effect in that it also binds all other providers operating in the European Union market.

Support in the process of issuing utility tokens

advice on the legal infrastructure of the crypto token issuance process 


advice on the economics of the crypto token ("tokenomics")​​​

​support in the drafting of a white paper

support in the drafting of marketing communications​​​

drafting a legal opinion on the legal nature of a crypto token (as part of a white paper or on a standalone basis)

drafting notifications to the regulator

MiCA compliance check in the process of issuing user crypto tokens

regulatory compliance of white paper content, publications, and notifications to the regulator

regulatory compliance of marketing communications


regulatory compliance of the notifications to the regulator

regulatory compliance of crypto or fiat custodial of clients' funds

regulatory compliance of the process for amending the text of white papers or marketing communications

Support in the process of issuing e-money and asset-referenced crypto tokens

support for white paper drafting


support in the drafting of marketing communications


support in the process before the regulator (preparation of the application) 


drafting legal opinions

Support for providers of custody and crypto asset management services

drafting client agreements


drafting internal policies (custody, control, access)


support in the registration process

support in setting up processes (client notification, return of funds, segregated funds management)

Support for crypto asset trading service providers

preparation of documentation for clients (general terms and conditions)


preparation of documentation for internal processes (admission of crypto assets to trading, customer due diligence)


advising on regulatory compliance (proprietary trading, publication of information, settlement process)

Support for fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto exchange service providers

drafting of trading policy (client acceptance policy)


advice on compliance (fixing the exchange price, execution of orders, publication of information)

Travel rule

Under the new European regulation, cryptocurrency service providers are required to provide certain information about the originators of transfers and the beneficiaries in each transfer (“travel rule”). 

We advise clients on ensuring compliance with the so-called "travel rule."

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